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Brazilian Wives — Dead or Alive?

Alaíde Foppa was a poetess, human rights advocate and feminist, presumably killed by death squads during Guatemala’s civil war. Guatemala’s Indigenous peoples make up 60% of the country’s population, yet somehow Indigenous people—and especially Indigenous women—rarely made it into history books.

Without subsampling, in the remaining seven communities, we allocated 84 women to the intervention arm and the remaining 71 were allocated to a control arm . The 16 circle leaders were identified based on prior collaborations and expressed interest and invited to co-design and co-facilitate ethiopian women and african american men the intervention. Nine were former community health workers , six were comadronas and one a community leader . Aged 27 to 70 (mean 47.4 ± 14.5) years, one had no formal schooling, six had incomplete and five completed primary schooling and four had incomplete secondary schooling.

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Historically, in the community of interest, which is in the rural Southwest corner of Guatemala bordering Mexico, a large majority (88%) of a convenience sample of women in the community-based care program self-reported postpartum contraceptive use. However, 72% of these women were using injectable contraceptives, which are considered short-acting, and are less effective at preventing unintended and closely spaced pregnancies; the second most common method was sterilization (21%). For the remaining women who did not seek sterilization or injectable contraceptives, 0.5% of them reportedly used contraceptive pills, 0.5% condoms, 0.5% lactational amenorrhea, and 1.6% reportedly relied on natural family planning.

International organizations like Doctors Without Borders try to fill the gap in Guatemala’s health care and provide assistance to victims of sexual violence. In 2007, Doctors Without Borders opened a clinic in Guatemala City that provides comprehensive care for such victims. The organization is also implementing educational programs in Guatemala City that aim to end the prevalence of sexual violence there. During the conflict, an army of around 40,000 men and a civilian defence force of approximately one million were trained to commit acts of violence against women. When the war ended and these men returned home, they got no help in readjusting. Lane’s main inspiration as a feminist activist is the aunt after whom she is named. She never met her father’s sister, but her story helps draw a direct line between the social instability of today and Guatemala’s 36-year civil war.

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We are now working with women teachers to set up a Tech-Ed class on Electric Circuits and Renewable Energy for young Guatemalan women. In May the University of Michigan Woven Wind students first met with the Guatemalan women weavers to discuss the project and to get new fabric specifically for their new prototype. The student team then traveled to a workshop in San Marcos la Laguna to build the new turbine design and to gather data on the cost of materials. We have had two trips in 2012 to Guatemala to meet and work with the women wind weavers. We met in February to discuss design changes and then in May a team of 11 University of Michigan Engineering students traveled to Guatemala to gather data and prototype a new turbine design. We also visited a new school that doesn’t have electricity in Tzununa on Lake Atitlan that may be a good candidate for our first production model wind turbine.

  • The Women’s Rights Education Program is a six-month legal literacy and empowerment course that educates women on asserting and protecting their rights.
  • Women who saved the lives of relatives and members of their communities deserve recognition.
  • Although it can be very difficult to reach consensus in interparty settings in Guatemala, the young people put their political differences aside and engaged in real discussions on the needs of young people in their country.

Guatemala is ranked the 25th most violent country in the world and Guatemalan police have a reputation for being non-responsive to the high crime rates. The lack of security within the government is what encouraged the start of mobs turning to vigilante justice. Unfortunately, much of the crime associated with these mobs is just as bad as the crime they claim they are attempting to prevent. Most of the locals keep quiet for fear of being targeted by these groups themselves, and many of the people participating in the violence are forced to do so.

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MAXQDA 11 (version 11.2.1) was used to organize the data and code the transcripts via thematic content analysis . AMC reviewed both analyses and extracted key dimensions and quotes for publication. In a study of this nature it is virtually impossible to keep allocation to groups concealed after the intervention starts. However, we made no announcements as to the allocation to any of the participants. The cumulative number of activities was used as a continuous variable for analyses. Only women who had a child under 2 years old participated in this questionnaire. A higher score indicates greater involvement in early infant stimulation activities.

The first and the most obvious way to meet hot Guatemalan girls is to travel to this country. Since people in Guatemala are friendly and open to communication, you won’t have difficulty with meeting girls in parks, shopping malls, nightclubs, bars, etc. Quite a few men opt for this way of meeting Guatemalan girls, and they manage to succeed. Traveling has certain drawbacks; however, men still resort to it when thinking of dating someone abroad. As we’ve already mentioned, Guatemalan women have strong family values; therefore, they look for long-lasting relationships.

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Guatemala’s indigenous women manifest some of the worst health indicators worldwide ; three in four live below the poverty line . Women of childbearing age living in indigenous areas show the highest rates of depression and anxiety in the country . Guatemala’s national health system provides limited access to mental health services; there are no formal mental health promotion and prevention programs, and limited involvement of service users and families in mental health systems . The Guatemalan civil war and long history of racial discrimination places indigenous populations at an additional disadvantage in terms of access to health services .

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